Village Voice - Year-End Film Poll — 2009 (Mis votos)

Votes by Diego Lerer

Public EnemiesFilm, 1st
The Headless WomanFilm, 2nd
Police, AdjectiveFilm, 3rd
BirdsongFilm, 4th
LiverpoolFilm, 5th
AdventurelandFilm, 6th
Goodbye SoloFilm, 7th
Still WalkingFilm, 8th
35 Shots of RumFilm, 9th
Inglourious BasterdsFilm, 10th
Jeremy Renner, The Hurt LockerActor, 1st
George Clooney, Up in the AirActor, 2nd
Nicolas Cage, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New OrleansActor, 3rd
Martina Gusman, Lion's DenActress, 1st
Carey Mulligan, An EducationActress, 2nd
Kristen Stewart, AdventurelandActress, 3rd
Christoph Waltz, Inglourious BasterdsSupporting Actor, 1st
Red West, Goodbye SoloSupporting Actor, 2nd
Mark Peranson, BirdsongSupporting Actor, 3rd
Melanie Laurent, Inglourious BasterdsSupporting Actress, 1st
Vera Farmiga, Up in the AirSupporting Actress, 2nd
Julianne Moore, A Single ManSupporting Actress, 3rd
A Single ManFirst Feature
Must Read After My Death Documentary
PreciousWorst Film
Historias extraordinariasUndistributed Film
Like You Know It AllUndistributed Film
HuachoUndistributed Film

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