Vic Chesnutt death reports sent out unconfirmed

UPDATE: After multiple reports of Vic Chesnutt's passing Thursday night, his label, Constellation Records, confirms that the singer-songwriter is still in a coma following an apparent suicide attempt.

Earlier today, Spinner sadly reported that well-loved and respected singer-songwriter Vic Chesnutt was in a coma, following what was largely believed to be a suicide attempt.

“There is no truth to the rumour that Vic has died,” said Don Wilkie, co-founder of Constellation, addressing rumors on the Web. “He remains alive.”

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Sebastián Santillán dijo...

Lamentablemente acaban de confirmar la peor de las noticias:

La sensación de pérdida es enorme. El mundo, que ya estaba mal, ahora parece estar aún peor.

Jotafrisco, la ira de Dios dijo...

Donaciones a la familia: http://kristinhersh.cashmusic.org/vic/