David Bazan – Curse Your Branches (2009)

Curse Your Branches is the debut full-length album by David Bazan. Bazan's brand of storytelling, with its focus on ethics and relationships between friends and family, will be familiar to those who know his work as the frontman for Pedro the Lion and Headphones. His first solo release, the 2006 EP Fewer Moving Parts, revealed a musican at work as the EP contained two sets of the same five songs, one electric and one acoustic. Curse Your Branches is the culmination of all Bazan's songwriting since; the album contains the B-side to the 2008 single American Flags, "Please Baby Please," and songs that Bazan has performed live since 2007. Mixed and mastered by Bazan's longtime collaborator T.W. Walsh, who worked with Bazan on Pedro the Lion and formed half of the band Headphones, Curse Your Branches is Bazan's vision, and the first to be released under his own name.~ Michael Hoven/Source

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