Taken By Trees - East Of Eden (2009)


East of Eden by Taken By Trees Released: Sep 08 2009 Label: Rough Trade Get a free "Watch the Waves" 7" when you preorder East of Eden. 7" includes the non-LP track, "Summer Sigh." This offer is available exclusively to mail-order customers who preorder East of Eden, while supplies last.

Taken by Trees is the nom de plume of Victoria Bergsman, previously best known for her work with The Concretes and Peter Bjorn & John’s worldwide smash hit single "Young Folks". East Of Eden follows Taken By Trees debut album Open Field which was released in 2007.

Victoria Bergsman wanted to travel to record in a mysterious, relatively uncharted area avoiding the usual clinical studio experience, which she has always disliked and found to be an uncreative environment. She chose Pakistan. The rhythm, drums and flutes of Pakistani music had long captivated Victoria and this, coupled with a deep admiration for her favorite singers Abida Parveen and the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, helped her choose Pakistan as the place to record her new album. Another attractive factor was her interest in Sufi musicians who play in order to enter a trance like state, using music to transport themselves to another time and place.

Victoria is one of very few Western women, if not the only one, to record in this region, and the bureaucracy, cultural differences and prejudices she had to overcome to see this project through are almost beyond belief. It’s therefore little short of a miracle that this album was recorded at all. The new album will be accompanied
by a short film that documents the recording. Watch that film here.

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