Miike Snow - Miike Snow (2009)


Every once in a while, something truly unique and mysterious, comes out of nowhere to stake its claim on pop culture as we know it…In 2009 few would have been expecting to have been accosted by Miike Snow, who until now, hidden behind the imagery of a mythical jackalope, the fabled horned rabbit have been churning out a slew of tracks and remixes that have set the blogospheres ablaze, amidst the inevitable questions of what, where & who is Miike Snow?…

A large portion of the people involved in the “creative” side of the music business spend their entire career dedicated to the singular goal of recognition, specifically the type that gets you recognized - be it magazine covers, billboards, TV, etc. In a culture obsessed with becoming famous, what do we make of artists who chose to remain anonymous? Or, for that matter, use the mystical jackalope as their visual representative?

Man? DJ? Robot? Miike Snow is actually a band.

Recorded in Stockholm in the 400 year old home used to house King Gustaf III’s mistress,Miike Snow make pop music, but not as we know it, a pulsing soundtrack for lovers spurred on by hope, fear & redemption. They have created songs that lift and lull, where dark subject matter is used to create beautiful sonic illusions & stimulate euphoria. Miike Snow is a warm electronic record, rich with soul & heart that can soundtrack both dancefloor and darkness and life in between, that will make anonymity an impossibility.

Finally ready to step out of the studio, but not the shadows, Miike Snow is set to be released this summer, released in the US by the Downtown label (Gnarls Barkley) and in the rest of the world by Columbia Records. Miike Snow will be performing live in the UK this summer. hangout.altsounds

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