Ruarri Joseph - Both Sides Of The Coin (2009)

"Both Sides Of The Coin" is Ruarri's 2nd album and the follow-up to his 2007 debut album 'Tales Of Grime And Grit'. After leaving Atlantic Records, Ruarri retreated to the shed atthe bottom of his garden with an assortment of instruments and a resolve to make the music he had in his head. Almost every instrument on the album, including guitars, drums, banjo, accordion and harmonica was played by Ruarri, despite havingto move them in to his shed one at a time. 'There was some patching up involved, I couldn't play the drums as a whole kit because I only have one mic. First, I'd do the snare, then the bass and fit them together after. When I brought the accordion in, my guitar had to sit outside because there wasn't enough room.' Released 09 March 2009

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