Golden Boots - Winter Of Our Discotheque (2009)

Golden Boots is duo Dimitri Manos & Ryen Eggleston and a few friends they met along the way (Justin Champlin, Nathan Sabatino, James Grip). All of these great musicians have created a gothic-country-electric-indie sound that can be found on their album Winter of Our Discotheque, which is to be released later this month.

The sound that they have given birth to is eclectic enough to have its own genre. The entire album is a blend of different aspects from different styles of music that is all crammed into a 35 minute long segment that takes control over the listener. Their music creates a modern style of western music.

The only flaw that I have found is that in their songs, they do not create a climactic point in them. And if there is one thing I have learned about music is that, like sex, the best part of it all is the climax, which we all are yearning for.

Regardless, Golden Boots has done something completely novel that we can all respect in some way or form. The song “Ghosts” is one that I have never heard before and I cannot thing of any other song to which to relate it.

I recommend that you saddle up and ride this band out and see where it takes you. Who knows, you might just like where you go.-
Kyle Thurin

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