Maria Taylor - Lady Luck (2009)

Maria Taylor started her musical career, at the age of fifteen, in the band Little Red Rocket which released two CDs on GeffenWho Did You Pay (1997) and It's in the Sound (2000). The group disbanded though during the merging of Geffen with Universal Music Group. Afterwards, Taylor moved to Athens, Georgia along with her musical collaborator, Orenda Fink. There, they formed the band Azure Ray. The pair signed to WARM and released their self titled debut as well as their second album, Burn and Shiver. The duo then relocated to Omaha, NE and released two additional records on Saddle Creek, the November ep and their final album, Hold on Love. Following that album, Taylor and Fink moved on to produce their own solo records.

They were also involved in another Saddle Creek band, Now It's Overhead. Taylor has contributed her vocals to Bright Eyes, Moby, and Crooked Fingers.

Her music has also been featured frequently on the popular TV series, Grey's Anatomy—"Song Beneath The Song" from her first solo album 11:11 was on the Grey's Anatomy Season 1 Soundtrack. Maria Taylor's also had a song featured on the hit ABC Family series Greek. "No Stars" from Taylor's album Lynn Teeter Flower was also featured on the prom episode of the CW's One Tree Hill. she has had a song featured on [scrubs] Taylor always removes the high E-string on her guitar before playing, even in concert.

She currently has a third solo record in the works, due for release in March 2009. It includes songs such as "Orchids" and "Lady Luck," which is also rumored to be the title of the album. -Wikipedia

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