Ventana Sur: del 3 al 6 de diciembre (Variety)

Latin American film bazaar adds online touch


Argentina's Ventana Sur, the Latin American film mart run in association with the Cannes Film Festival, will unspool Dec. 3-6 in Buenos Aires with a new online service to expand sales opportunities.

Ventana Sur Online will stream Latin American releases from 2008 to this year, said Liliana Mazure, prexy of Argentina's state film board Incaa, which runs Ventana Sur.

"It is the market online all year long," said Mazure, who will launch the service on May 15 in Cannes.

"All of the nearly 300 buyers that came last year have confirmed that they will return. And we expect even more to come this year."

The online service also will allow producers to upload films, trailers and promotional material, eliminating the cumbersome task of sending them multiple times by mail, she added.

Ventana Sur this year will consolidate at one location, rather than being spread out between two spots at opposite ends of the city as it was last year.

The mart is attracting more attention, buoyed by the success of the first edition, with multiple deals getting done, announced or initiated for titles including Juan Jose Campanella's "The Secret in Their Eyes," which won the 2009 foreign-language film Oscar, and Juan Taratuto's "A Boyfriend for My Wife."

A competing mart in Rio de Janeiro will close to participate in Ventana Sur, Mazure said.

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