National Skyline - Bliss & Death (2009)


After a five-year absence, National Skyline returns with the epic Bliss & Death. Recorded entirely in 2008, the album is an expression of singer/sonwriter Jeff Garber’s searching look at the lesser-visited recesses of the psyche. Inspired by acts such as Wilco, Dungen and The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Bliss & Death finds National Skyline dabbling in organic territory. Multi-layered guitars and synths swirl around filtered vocal tracks throughout the album, creating a stunning arc of sound. Influences such as Pink Floyd, Radiohead and My Bloody Valentine seep in to the mix as well, creating a bold, yet personal doubt, and wonder. Garber had the bulk of the album finished by May 2008, but felt as if some extra input were needed to give the record more texture. “I began to feel like this record was closer to my first band, Castor, and one of the most important things about Castor was Derek Niedringhaus’s bass playing. “Once again, computers served Garber well, as Niedringhaus and Garber began to trade music files via internet. As a whole, Bliss & Death is meant to be listened to in alubm form, that is, Garber made a very conscious effort to make a soild record throughout: no filler. Today, When singles rule the world, Bliss & Death plays to the anti-single sect.

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