Boston Spaceships - The Planets Are Blasted (2009)

Boston Spaceships are:
CHRIS SLUSARENKO (Takeovers, Guided By Voices, Svelt, Sprinkler)
JOHN MOEN (Perhapst, Decemberists, Jicks, Elliott Smith, Dharma Bums)
ROBERT POLLARD (needs no introduction)

“This is this you know…”

Though you’ll notice some subtle prog flourishes and acoustic strums, Boston Spaceships is a pop punk band, made by and for kids who’ve worn out the grooves on their Cheap Trick, Alice Cooper, Wire and dBs records. While Pollard has stretched out post-GBV, experimenting on each of his diverse and unique solo records, Boston Spaceships rock hard, have fun and drink Miller Lite.

Without undue hyperbole, Pollard is penning fantastic pop songs in a style no longer fashionable, perhaps we should say, never fashionable. Makes no difference. Pollard’s charged up and sings his ass off.

Mr. Pollard was so enthusiastic about this band that he decided to play his first proper club tour in two years. This from a guy who hates flying, goes bananas sitting in the van, and who has turned down tours with Radiohead and the Strokes. Give the records a spin or two - they’ll make you feel like a kid again, too.


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