Undercurent #6

Special issue: Film festivals

A Retrospective on Japanese Retrospectives According to Aaron Gerow, "Retrospectives should ideally be opportunities not just to see, but also to discourse about film: to talk, write, and investigate its meaning and history."

The Big Circus Jon Jost reflects on how film festivals changed between the late 1970s and now.

Festivals with Alexis (Mostly without Balut) Amir Muhammad recalls times spent at film festivals with the late critic Alexis Tioseco.

Film Festivals — Then and Now Some historical perspective from David Sterritt.

Indonesian Local Film Festivals An introduction by Lulu Ratna.

Three anthologies:
Cem Mil Cigarros: Os Filmes de Pedro Costa, edited by Ricardo Matos Cabo. Reviewed by Sabrina Marques.

Apichatpong Weerasethakul, edited by James Quandt Reviewed by Dianne Daley.

On Film Festivals, edited by Richard Porton. Reviewed by Chris Fujiwara.

Also in this issue:

The Hidden Work An interview with Olivier Assayas about the films of Guy Debord.

The Ethics of Film Criticism Chris Fujiwara didn't choose the topic, it was thrust on him.

Metropolis Found Fernando Martín Peña tells the strange story of how Fritz Lang's masterwork came to Argentina and got lost there, and then found.

Targets David Sterritt salutes Peter Bogdanovich's first feature.

Matteo Garrone's Gomorra: Searching for a New Film Language Paola Casella shows how Gomorra deglamorizes organized crime by subverting movie conventions.

The Texture of Distance Julie Banks takes us closer to Nuri Bilge Ceylan's Distant.

The Limits of Control Yvette Bíró finds much to admire in Jim Jarmusch's latest film. "The big clue in this great, extremely witty movie: everything remains unknown, secretive from the very beginning to the bitter end, covering who knows what kind of (massive) crime."

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