Piers Faccini - Two Grains of Sand (2009)

So it’s 2009, we’re dragging our flu ridden, sniffy noses ever so slowly out of winter, so what better cheer to bring to the snowy ice bound horizons than the prospect of a new Piers Faccini album. That’s right throw away the pharmaceuticals, the natural remedies and the new year resolutions, this album will almost certainly cure your chills, your seasonal blues and all of your ills both psychically and physically.
(Note: this statement cannot be backed up by any scientific evidence)

Ok, maybe not but it could be like a giant placebo in your life.

As per usual, the album will concertina out into the world in a gradual and staggered manner beginning with a release in France my adopted home and that of my new record label Tot ou Tard, until it extends itself out fully in the manner of a major 7th to a release in the rest of Europe, the U.S and elsewhere over the following months.

The album is called ‘Two grains of sand’ and it was recorded over the course of 2008 between my home in the hills of the Cevennes and Ferber studios in Paris. I produced the album together with Renaud Letang and it features the playing of some of my all time favourite people and players, Francesca Beard, Vincent Segal, Jules Bikoko, Jeff Boudereaux, Nibs van der Spuy, Ian McCamy and Johan Dalgaard to name but a few.

I’m very happy with the way the album came out and I can’t wait to get on the road and play these songs live. I had more to do with every creative aspect of the record than the previous two albums as far as arrangement and production were concerned so that if people don’t like it, the blame will sit squarely on my shoulders and if people do I’ll be able to tap myself in the very same spot and be a little pleased with myself, well, for a very brief moment anyway…

For this album as with the two before, I just picked up an instrument and a notebook and waited to see if some rough diamond would come and land on the page and on my tongue foe me to polish and if it hadn’t you wouldn’t be reading this now and I’d be looking for a job.

There’s no recipe.
Each song simply just had to feel absolutely right and as fresh as a basket of groceries in a farmer’s market. I wrote a lot of songs in the last year or so and I hope these songs are the pick of that bunch. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them and that you will discover the same freshness and taste I experienced writing them.

Bon appetit!

I look forward to seeing you sometime on the road somewhere on this large world of ours.


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Lucaz dijo...

podria enviarme otro link de ese disco de piers faccini. está roto lo que ahí está. si pudiera, te lo agradezco.