Badun - Badun (2009)

Badun is the product of three Danish guys – Oliver Duckert, Aske Krammer and Brian Moller – and the result of a few years of experimentation and search for a unique sound and loads of live gigs. This is their debut album and the opener ‘Turban’ proves already that the prudent waiting has paid off. The reminiscence of 70ies until early 80ies Fusion Jazz provides the basis: Miles Davis’ ‘Bitches Brew’ or Weather Report’s crossover sound of Modern Jazz mark indeed the source for abstract and Jazz-related Electronica, where electronic samplers shape essentially the atmosphere as well as the abstractness of the genre and in fact replace entirely the rhythm part. Herein the link to Flanger (Burnt Friedman and Atom Heart) for instance isn’t out of place at all. But Badun music isn’t simply an artificially generated sound-cosmos. They’re also joined by guitar/sitar-player Jonas Stampe and Soren Juul on keys. Gentle guitar lines and lush Fender Rhodes-alike keys blend well with the surreal and chaotic-acting improvisation of machine funk or the monophonic analogue synth-sounds of the MS20 as in ‘Pulsen’. The same with Theis Bror’s smoky Sax part in ‘Fyrtarn’. Badun isn’t musical innovation as well but rather the experiment with the potentiality of the reception of Jazz. Because it’s especially mother JAZZ who feeds this music with unlimited inspiration and variety of ideas in sound-design.Towards the end the album becomes more melancholic, kind of blue and calm.electronicbeats

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