Rohfilms enters 'Mysterious World' - Rizoma produces Moreno black comedy

BUENOS AIRES -- Argentina’s Rizoma Films, producer of commercial and fest hits like “Who Says It’s Easy” and “Gigante,” has inked with Germany’s Rohfilms to make the next pic from Rodrigo Moreno, helmer of “El custodio” (The Custodian).

“A Mysterious World” is set to start lensing on Dec. 7, with a E400,000 ($603,000) budget.

It is Moreno’s follow-up to “The Custodian,” which won the 2006 Berlinale’s Alfred Bauer award.

“Mysterious World” is a dark comedy about a guy who buys a car after his wife asks for a separation and finds out his life is rather empty.

Rizoma topper Hernan Musaluppi aims to keep below-the-line costs to a minimum so that more of the budget goes on the screen.

“It is an amateur film done by professionals,” Musaluppi told Variety. “I don’t want to pay for things that are not seen on the screen.”

Musaluppi will participate in Ventana Sur, a new four-day Latin American film market that starts this Friday in Buenos Aires.

Rizoma is also preparing for a 2010 shoot of “Insoladas,” Gustavo Taretto’s second feature.

Comedy is about five girls sunbathing on a rooftop and dreaming of going to Cuba, a metaphor for the difficulty of fulfilling dreams.

Taretto’s freshman effort, “Medianeras” (Sidewalls), is in post under Rizoma, Germany’s Pandora Films and Spain’s Morena Films, with a budget of about $1.1 million and a release set for the second-half of next year.

Toplining Pilar Lopez de Ayala, Javier Drolas and Ines Efron, “Sidewalls” is a comedy about a man and a woman looking for love and always crossing paths, exposing the loneliness of the big city.

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