Rose Melberg – Homemade Ship (2009)


The 2000s have seen Vancouver-via-Sacramento native Rose Melberg quietly release two quiet solo albums, quite a change from her prolific 90s heyday as a member of influential twee-pop acts Tiger Trap, Go Sailor and the Softies.

As a solo artist, she’s set aside her punky, spunky tendencies in favour of languid melodies softly sung in melancholic harmony with herself (and occasionally Vancouver’s Larissa Loyva) over a deftly plucked acoustic guitar.

Some will dismiss Melberg’s sound as precious and sugary, but her sharply observed lyrics about the impermanence of love add weighty world-weariness. As well, her harmonies are as complex and reverb-coated as Fleet Foxes’, and 10th song Sharks evokes Elliott Smith in the most welcome of ways. Title track Homemade Ship, though, with its forthright harmonies and wistful lyrics, is the strongest tune.

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