"Where The Wild Things Are" OST - Karen O. And The Kids (2009)

You would be hard-pressed to find another film as anticipated this fall as Where The Wild Things Are. Directed by Spike Jonze and with a screenplay written by Dave Eggers, this film became a triple threat the day it was announced that Karen O. of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs wrote the soundtrack, along with her YYY's bandmates, Brian Chase and Nick Zinner, and a few guests like Bradford Cox of Deerhunter and Aaron Hemphill of the Liars. It's hard to judge the soundtrack accurately, since I haven't seen the film yet, but forgetting that fact, it's clear from one listen that Karen O. has done the film (and book, for that matter) justice. A twinkling xylophone starts the soundtrack off, and that childlike theme continues throughout the rest of the songs. Half-shouted cries and jangly guitars rule lead single, "All Is Love," turning Karen's enthusiasm into some of the most infectious indie-pop you've heard in a long time. An outro of children shrieking leads into the handclapping of "Capsize," with Karen acting as head cheerleader, spelling out words amidst angular guitars and lush atmospherics. Scaling back on the peppiness, Karen also shows off what got her where she is in the first place: her ability to write the most heart-breaking ballads ever. "Worried Shoes" and "Cliffs" are both evocative and clear standouts that you know will sound amazing wherever they're placed in the film. If you're already excited for this movie (and seriously, what is wrong with you if you're not?), this soundtrack is the perfect companion to whet your appetite even further.