Lightspeed Champion - "Devil in Disguise" (free mp3)

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Lightspeed Champion has recorded a live preview of tracks from his new album "Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You" (out Feb 15). Check back to this widget as new tracks are added each week!

This week (to celebrate the King's birthday) Dev has posted an Elvis cover which you can download for free. This is what he had to say about it.

Due to a popular band having left over studio time at New York's historic Avatar Studios, I had the opportunity to going into Studio A and record some music.. obviously I decided an Elvis song would be best. I got my friends form the band Spacecamp down and together we recorded an "almost" live version of Devil In disguise with the help of whoever was in the building that felt like singing... including the receptionist.

The sad news? Is that trying to fill such a huge role, I realised I was better than everyone else in the world, I packed my bags, and moved to Los Angeles in hopes of everyone else catching up with my sudden realisation... I was wrong.



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