Wye Oak - The Knot (2009)


Hometown: Baltimore, Md.
Band Members: Andy Stack (drums, keys), Jenn Wasner (guitar, vocals)
For Fans Of: Yo La Tengo, Pixies, Guided by Voices

“I like bands that you have to look a bit to find it, where you have to really listen,” Jenn Wasner says of the music that moves her. Fittingly, as one-half of Wye Oak, she makes just that kind of music with her longtime friend and band-mate Andy Stack. Named for a tree in Talbot County, Md., that was once believed to be the oldest white oak in America, the duo easily straddles the narrow chasm between making music and making noise. Wasner’s dreamy vocals are propelled by Stack’s pinpoint drumming and his inventive manipulation of a wide array of musical toys, until a burst of guitar threatens to strangle the life out of her powerful words—and it's in those moments of contrast that the beauty of Wye Oak is revealed. PASTE

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