Kevin McAdams - Its My TimeTo Lose My Mind (2009)

Kevin McAdams (drums/percussion for Elefant, Watchmakers, Maricopa, etc.) writes and sings upbeat melodic pop songs with tongue-in-cheek lyrics. For fans of ELO, Brian Wilson, Grandaddy, Sparks, and The Magnetic Fields.roduced by Kevin McAdams and Mod Alien (Elefant, Radio 4).

The album kicks off with the kind of beat that challenges your hands to keep from fingerdrumming…and the feeling sticks around for 11 kickass pop songs.

Overall, it’s the combination of bright pop beats and multi-layered instrumentation backing that cool voice – he’s not desperate to make you hear him, he’s just letting you know what’s up – that really keep you coming back for another listen.

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